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Isaac Ullatil of Hallmark Health Care Solutions to Explore Tech-Enabled Workforce Strategies in Nov. 1 Webinar

The HHCS founder and CEO will join Norton Healthcare’s SVP of Operations to share how Einstein II revolutionizes healthcare staffing and reduces labor costs.

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (October 27, 2022) – In an upcoming webinar, “Tech-Enabled Staffing: The Catalyst for Changing Employment Models,” leaders from Hallmark Health Care Solutions and Norton Healthcare will discuss how leveraging the right technology can solve today’s increasingly unsustainable staffing challenges. As part of Connex Partners’ Fireside Chat series, which aims to showcase how innovative healthcare executives are overcoming universal healthcare challenges, this free, one-hour webinar will uncover pathways to success in attracting and retaining quality staff while also lowering labor spend.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 1, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST. Online registration is now open – click here to sign up.

Isaac Ullatil, CEO and Co-founder of Hallmark Health Care Solutions, and Scott Watkins, Senior Vice President of Operations at Norton Healthcare, will cover a variety of topics related to changing employment models and workforce demands. Chief among them: the shift to “gig-style” staffing and the key role technology plays in accommodating that transformation. In the webinar discussion, Ullatil and Watkins will explore: 

  • Why traditional staffing solutions are no longer working
  • How gig-style staffing can differentiate hospitals and health systems within the competitive talent landscape and increase employee engagement
  • How Hallmark Health Care Solutions’ Einstein II technology has helped Norton build a robust internal resource pool (IRP)
  • The positive impact flexible staffing can have on labor costs

In the current workforce environment, external staffing agencies have the advantage because they offer gig-style scheduling flexibility, which is in high demand among today’s healthcare labor market. By embracing gig-style staffing, hospitals and health systems can show they are listening to workers’ demands – and by adopting technologies that support and facilitate modernized employee approaches, they can become an employer of choice in their markets again.

“Einstein II technology is uniquely designed to enable partnerships between health systems and their available labor pools – current and prospective employees alike,” says Ullatil. “We are empowering organizations to meet the shifting mindset of the labor market. Norton Healthcare is an excellent example of how health systems can use technology to level the playing field, creating the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.”

Within seven months of implementing Einstein II technology, which included Einstein II Internal Resource Pool and Einstein II Vendor Management System, Norton Healthcare achieved 300+ clinical new hires. They also saved $30-40/hour on travelers while converting 30-40% of externally contracted staff to internal resources.

To explore the topic even further, Ullatil and Watkins are also featured in the new edition of Healthcare C-Suite by Connex Partners, which is available here.

About Hallmark Health Care Solutions, Inc.

Hallmark Health Care Solutions, Inc. (HHCS) is a healthcare technology firm headquartered in New York. Each of our experienced executive team members brings an average of 20+ years in IT, nursing, process engineering, finance, and healthcare. HHCS is ranked No. 318 in the 2021 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. The company’s simply intelligent provider and workforce solutions are used by over 100,000 healthcare professionals in more than 4,000 healthcare facilities across all 50 states. In the past decade, we have collectively delivered over $250 million in cost savings and revenue gains to our clients and calculated nearly $5 billion in physician compensation, thanks to our best-in-class workforce and compensation management technologies. 

HHCS workforce solutions include Einstein II, a workforce sourcing, deployment and vendor management solution, and Heisenberg II, a physician compensation and contract management solution. For more information, visit and

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