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Hallmark Health Care Solutions Enhances Platform; Launches Next Generation Einstein II IRP Product

Company integrates Einstein II IRP and VMS platforms for more efficient, user-friendly experience

Aug. 9, 2023 - Hallmark Health Care Solutions, a healthcare technology company specializing in workforce management solutions, today announced that it has successfully integrated its Einstein II Internal Resource Pool (IRP) with the company’s Vendor Managed Solution (VMS). Users of both technologies will now have one log in and will no longer have to shuffle between two separate platforms to manage their data. This new consolidated view enables users to manage all talent sourcing and deployment in one place, with combined dashboards offering a single source of truth. Further, customers can personalize their dashboard with moveable widgets for a more user-friendly experience.

“The launch of Hallmark Health Care Solution’s next generation Einstein II IRP product demonstrates our commitment to creating personalized high-impact customer experiences,” said Neeraj Isaac, CTO and cofounder, Hallmark Health Care Solutions. “This product release enhances our platform by offering improved visibility, efficiency, and usability.”

“We continually look for ways to make it easier for our customers to do their jobs,” noted William Reau, Chief Operating Officer, Hallmark Health Care Solutions. “Our investment in technology is an investment in our customers. We listen. We learn. And we act.”

Specifically, this next generation integration enables users to:

• Create and release job orders all from one platform, both internally and externally.
• Automatically and seamlessly promote job orders from the Einstein II IRP platform to the VMS platform.
• Easily compare their IRP and VMS job orders in one place via the Order Journey tab.

Hallmark Health Care Solutions’ customers can still purchase the Einstein II IRP and VMS products separately. The product launch will only impact customers who subscribe to both products. For more information about Hallmark Health Care Solutions, visit

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 Hallmark Health Care Solutions partners with healthcare organizations to overcome their labor-related challenges. From talent sourcing and deployment to provider compensation and contracting, our workforce management platform unlocks essential data, improves access to talent, drives operational efficiency, and delivers substantial cost savings. Through our unique blend of technology, strategy, service, and partnership, we empower healthcare organizations to focus on their core purpose: lifesaving patient care.

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